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New Beginning

It’s really a wonderful experience to be part of the creator’s circle and make content for all of my current and future customers.

Although I have been on a long hiatus, in that time span I began learning mesh. I attended Blender Benders and have advanced my skills with Blender School. Both have contributed to the overall learning experience on a budget. Tipping is not required but highly appreciated.


Since then, I made the decision to slowly transition my Marketplace inventory with only my Original Mesh creations. It is a slower process than I thought, given that I do more than just create for Charmerize, there’s a lot of things going on behind the scene as well.


I would be so appreciative to have you follow along my journey as I get Charmerize where it deserves to be. Any suggestions you’d like to see me create can message me inworld, join the Discord, or comment down below.